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Telecom and Solar Grade Standard ETSI 23" Rack Slim Size VRLA SMF 200Ah Inverter and UPS Battery for Solar, Hybrid and Marine Applications manufactured by MONBAT in EUROPE 

The preferred choice of telecom companies worldwide 

FREE Connectors, Bolts, Central Degassing System and Spacers are supplied as standard with each battery
Standard terminal connectors


One to two years manufacturer warranty available,
subject to site survey (ambient temperature) and
approval of client's installation (charging capacity)
by a factory representative. Installation pictures
and temperature logs by reputable installer
will be accepted. 

Now Available for your Office, Ship and Home Battery Bank

MONBAT, the leading lead-acid battery manufacturer in Europe, has developed for this new battery the latest DEEP CYCLE AGM technology 

Leading companies in Nigeria like MTN and Etisalat rely on its' superior cycling endurance and trust its' extremely long float life performance (12+years) 

New 2016 model with greatly improved (PSoC) partial state of charge operation 


More than>900 cycles @ 75% Depth of Discharge
More than>1700 cycles @ 50% DoD
More than>2700 cycles @ 30% DoD
More than>4700 cycles @ 10% DoD

Container material: Shock Resistant Fire-Proof ABS
     (not polypropylene used in lower quality Chinese / Indian made product)


Call us for up to 10% discount on your new purchase when recycling the old battery 

We deliver in Lagos 

Other battery models also available 

  •  Manufacture Standards by Bureau Veritas
    ISO9001   ISO14001
    OHSAS18001   NATO-AQAP2110 
  •  Applicable International Standards
    IEC60896-21/22   IEC61427–1/2  IEC61056-1   EN50272-2  IEEE1184   IEEE1187/1188 

 SONCAP  No: LCOFRP052762-0101
2017 Certificate Issued by FRP -
Intertek Testing Services International 

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